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His sweatpants dropped to his feet, leaving him naked and exposed in the park. He was still shrinking, though it had slowed. The shrinking serum worked so fast that by the time he handed it back to me, he was already half a foot shorter than he was. I felt his body melt down onto mine, tightening around my legs and squeezing me as he was reduced to a hollow piece of clothing. At his current height, he could probably smell how musky my crotch was. You see my friends big fat balls? We felt a jolt as Charlie started getting ready for tonight.

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I could hear him moan as i slowly slide deeper into his cock until finally i drop into his cum filled balls.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

After a moment i started to shrink down to an inch, i looked up to my friend as he picked me up and forced me down to my waste into his cock and told me to have fun watch him play. Charlie had been begging to cock-vore us ever since we moved into halls. Me and my friend were having a game night, about an hour into our gaming i got bored so i told my friend who ever wins the next game gets to do what ever they want with the loser.

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