Beruka fire emblem

beruka fire emblem
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Beruka's supports with Corrin, for one, see her coldly responding to their attempts to befriend her with suspicion and distrust. Swordbreaker is useful for Beruka, as it gives her extra insurance against enemy Swordmasters and other Sword-wielding units. The Wyvern Lord class plays to Beruka's strengths as a physical tank as well as giving her access to Lances to use against Sword users, though she will have difficulties dealing much damage without grinding up weapon ranks, which can be difficult on Conquest. Beruka is a skilled assassin orphaned in the slums of Nohr at a young age. As a running theme in her Supports as they advance, not only is she often confused by her feelings of affection regarding those around her, she also begins to warm up to others considerably. Even her own weapon needs to be upgraded to its superior form just to give her a fighting chance, though luckily that does not require outside assistance to obtain. Unable to grasp the concept of engaging in hobbies for the sake of pleasure, she is typically known to wait idly when not actively performing her duties.

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Trinity. Age: 32.
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After the battle, Camilla faints from her injuries.

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Cherish. Age: 20.
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Beruka: Quiet Assassin

Beruka can use this to excel when exploiting weapon ranges, so having a weapon for both close range and ranged combat such as a Hand Axe gives her the benefit of exploiting this skill as much as possible. However, Camilla is more consistent than most other characters in the game, and Beruka has other traits that give her consideration as a unit. Beruka is also neither sadistic or cruel; she views killing simply as something she has done all her life and thus something she cannot leave, or possibly as a way to feel needed by others. She trades her bulk for low Spd, leading to most units doubling her, while her Atk is middling at best and leaves her reliant on Specials to address it.

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