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FYFD Celebrating the physics of all that flows. These juvenile catfish travel together for safety while their venom develops. Burville; research credit: D. Fotios ; see also Quanta Magazine 1 , 2. Feb 6, am notes fluid dynamics science physics geophysics geology buoyancy dragonfly titan river deltas. Search Posts Recent Tweets fyfluiddynamics Researchers have been on a quest to discover how bubbles can survive with volumes measured in the tens of meters and thicknesses of mere microns. Mathematicians like to break things.

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Drive the vibration at two simultaneous frequencies and you can support much larger droplets, known as superwalkers.

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Vibrate a pool of silicone oil and you can generate walking droplets. Burville; research credit: D. Jan 30, am notes fluid dynamics science physics biology suction insects life in moving fluids.

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