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terra and beast boy
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Due to his connection with The Red, Beast Boy was the only one who could sense the evil intents of Brother Blood and therefore the key Blood was looking for. After those events, Fairchild led the team to a place in Los Angeles. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Terra joined the Amazons ' Furies , and it was through her that New Themyscira was saved from destruction when Aquaman flooded Western Europe. She then operated as a spy for Deathstroke, eventually giving him the information he needed to kidnap the Titans, with no regrets. She joined the Teen Titans, fooling them by staging a battle against Deathstroke. Once there, they were told that they, along with fellow time traveler Deathwing an evil version of Dick Grayson from the Lord Chaos future timeline , were really from the present day. She and Power Girl begin a close friendship, going to movies and even shopping together at an IKEA -esque Scandinavian furniture store.

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Here she a troubled, short-tempered girl with issues with her alcoholic mother with the ability to control the earth around her, and in a relationship with Cyborg.

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Terra (comics)

Atlee appears as a future version of herself in Teen Titans as part of the "Titans of Tomorrow Not knowing of Jericho's powers, Terra believed Deathstroke to have turned against her. Terra is one of the many Titans who answer the summon to help Conner Kent defeat Superboy-Prime in Infinite Crisis 4, working with Sand to hit Prime with a mass of earth in an attempt to stop him.

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