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anohana beats after story
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Whilst there are many options to explore three main character routes exist in the first game Yui, Matsushita and Iwasawa each with their own unique traits and endings. The plan worked perfectly, but even though the plan succeeded, Otonashi has deep doubts about what they did. Otonashi and the rest of the survivors ultimately remained trapped for a week, gradually losing any hope of rescue and survival. In Episode 3, Otonashi was told about Masami Iwasawa 's, leader of Girls Dead Monster , past before she disappears after her performance, leaving the rest of SSS to learn a lesson that they themselves could disappear without Angel interfering. Otomashi acknowledges that he is often protected by Hinata, and relies on him for assistance. Yuri eventually succeeds in confronting the one responsible in the existence of the Shadows and with that, the SSS are freed of their duties. At one point he even sacrificed his share of water.

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Depending upon the choices made by the player, he could become an idiot, a jerk, homosexual, lesbian addict, or retain his anime personality.

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Lena. Age: 22.
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After Story

Despite his general aversion to people, Otonashi loved Hatsune dearly and constantly worried about her declining health. Otonashi is a young man in his late teens with short red hair When he was younger, his hair was longer which covered the left side of his face and burgundy eyes. Maybe Otonashi lost his memory during this long period of wandering or maybe he needed to lose his memory in order to come close to Kanade, who held the key of the rest of his memories, which even Naoi couldn't unlock with his hypnosis. Her memory gave him the motivation to pusue this career and ultimately helped him break his negative outlook on life.

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