Assassination classroom jelavic

assassination classroom jelavic
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In the next class, Irina starts giving an example of her assassination experiences, talking about how language plays an important role in any assassination. On Valentines Day after school hours, Irina discusses with Karasuma about the students' futures. Though initially it began with Irina's ruse to get information on Korosensei with a 'Kiss of Death "30 hits"' and timidity on the part of Nagisa, the two eventually become good allies with the good bonds of teacher and student. Irina praises Nagisa's kiss, but comments that he still has a long way to go to match hers. Her first attempt was humiliatingly unsuccessful, with Karasuma and even the students knowing that the drink she was carrying for him was drugged. With this, Lovro allows Irina to stay, much to her joy and relief.

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Irina begs to be allowed to stay until Korosensei intervenes.

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Irina Jelavić

The result is that the students comically gang up on her and force her into receiving the same hairstyle. Reaching the main lobby full of guards, Irina walks in acting tipsy, and distracts the guards with her mesmerizing performance at the piano. Afterwards, Irina sits with the class again feeling humiliated and wanting revenge. Irina continues to settle down as a teacher, continuing to impart the knowledge of language and art of conversations to Class E.

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