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I wake up at am and get to work by and then I train people all day and squeeze my workout in too. Except my friends measured my arms and they were about 16 and a half inches. Oh and I also have chickens at my house because I eat so much eggs. I wanted to make sure I had enough size to compete with. What do you enjoy about training for competition Strong Women Lifting Men Overhead. I tought myself how to play the guitar, knit, cross stitch, make rugs, make candles, ridew my quad, make gift baskets, cook.

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Jasmin. Age: 22.
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I would like to take a year off so that I could put more muscle on my tall frame.

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Brenna. Age: 27.
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Britt Miller

I enjoy lifting heavy and eating in the off season and having somewhat a life. I ride my yamaha raptor quad in the mountains and on tracks and I spend time with loved ones and relax at home with my candles burning. Canadian pro female bodybuilder Jodi Boam shows how she maintains her super-sexy Superwoman look via her diet as she cooks in this vi I love being able to see my body transform when ever I want it to.

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