Riven s6 build

riven s6 build
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Decree only works every 30 seconds. So standard Riven runes have 10, then 10 from Ghostblade, then 10 from boots thats only I feel like it's more auto attack champion orientated, something that Riven isn't. First of all, sorcery is absolute trash. You forgot to mention the AD contributes 2. I contacted the mods and asked for it be to re-stickied but they said no.

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riven s6 build

I'm not ruling out maw in a 6 item build.

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Last 100 games:

Lord Dominik's Regards will be better in almost every game because most enemies will have more HP than you but it doesn't synergize well with BC. GB is also good for ganks if you're doing that. Touch's base damage is cut in half too. Vampirism also seems to be much better than Natural Talent unless you're running Deathfire and really need those stats.

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