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Steven excitedly pleads to accompany the Gems, though Garnet refuses, instead asking him to stay behind and watch over Peridot. She tells him that after they had been defeated at the end of the Rebellion, Homeworld focused their attention on another use for the planet. Steven asks again what the Cluster is, and Peridot informs him that it is a Gem geoweapon. Later, as Steven is cooking soup on the stove, a rainstorm rages outside. Steven helps a friend who is afraid of thunderstorms. Slowly, Peridot moves her hand into the rain, feeling it on her for the first time, before reluctantly stepping out of the door and into the storm. Steven asks what the problem is, and she frantically reasons that only the Cluster can make a noise like that.

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Later, as Steven is cooking soup on the stove, a rainstorm rages outside.

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"Room For Ruby"

His offer is that she shares the knowledge to the Crystal Gems, who are vastly more capable of stopping the Cluster than Steven alone. How do the CG always know where Steven is? He goes on to use his soup as an analogy, attempting to summarize the process of the rain cycle using steam to represent clouds, and condensation to represent water. Steven protests, insisting that she tell the Gems, who are more capable of offering help, though she bitterly refuses.

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