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Kahn and Dax continue to work on the experiment, but it goes wrong and Defiant is severely damaged. Kahn is injured in the explosion, but Dax rigs a force field across a plasma fire that allows her to reach Kahn, coming to the realization that the relationship is worth exile. The two struggle with their feelings for one another because of the taboo in their species against reuniting with loved ones of former hosts as they work together to experiment on wormholes. The episode was directed by main cast member Avery Brooks, who played Benjamin Sisko in the series, who later said that "Rejoined" was his favourite of the episodes he directed. At that stage, they intended to make no reference in the script to any characters having a concern about Dax's relationship with a woman so as to focus the story. Retrieved June 3, — via Questia Online Library.

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A mixture of liquid nitrogen and hot water was used to create a fog around the ground.

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It was decided at the time that it was not appropriate, although the writers had hoped that there would be a time when the viewers would accept such a relationship. VisionArt combined these shots with the force field and footage of the engineering set on board the Defiant , while a staff animator added a "plasma glow" around her feet as she made contact with the field. The plot of "Rejoined" expands on the Trill species, of which Jadzia Dax is a member. Retrieved June 3, — via Questia Online Library.

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